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Early Pregnancy Symptoms: Cramping

Cramping which ranges from mild to moderate affects many women in the first trimester of pregnancy. Often it feels as if your period is just about to start, and it comes and goes throughout the day for the first few weeks of pregnancy.

Although uncomfortable and even frightening, cramping pains are a normal part of pregnancy. However, if you experience any bleeding, if your pregnancy symptoms suddenly cease, or if you have severe pain, including pain which is confined to one side, call your GP immediately as these can be symptoms of both miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy.

Even though cramping is common in early pregnancy, it often causes a lot of worry for expectant mothers and their partners. Always mention it to your caregivers as any cramping should be investigated by a professional. Sometimes it can begin as a result of strenuous activity and other times it can just start without any obvious cause. It may indicate that you need to rest more.

Remember, your body is working very hard during pregnancy and even though you will not be obviously pregnant to others in the early stages of pregnancy, it is important for your own welfare and that of your growing baby that you listen to your body and try to get as much rest as possible. You might just need to sit quietly for a few moments when you feel cramping starting, or to slow down your walking pace briefly, or you may find you need more restful sleep in which case you should try to go to bed earlier every evening, get up a little later in the mornings or try to get a quick nap during the day.

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