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Early Pregnancy Symptoms - Headaches

Headaches are more common during early pregnancy and, as with many pregnancy symptoms, this is usually as a result of the massive hormonal changes your body is undergoing.

Some women also find they are more prone to migraines when they are pregnant and that stress or certain foodstuffs can bring them on. If this is the case for you, you should try to pinpoint any thing that acts as a trigger, perhaps by keeping a food diary where you can note down foods and drinks you have consumed and any ill after-effects they have on you.

For some women, pregnancy can cause changes in blood pressure and, for this reason alone, it is of utmost importance that your blood pressure is carefully monitored throughout your pregnancy at every antenatal appointment. Always let your primary caregiver know if you are experiencing any headaches during your pregnancy even if they seem mild to you.

Try to take some time out to rest if you are feeling under pressure at work or in your home life as stress and tension can also cause headaches. If your headaches become a real problem your GP may prescribe suitable medication for use during pregnancy or even recommend safe ways to lower stress such as trying pregnancy yoga/Pilates, stretching exercises, or massage.

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