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Hi there and thanks for visiting Breastfeeding Mums. I'm Sinead, the owner and pretty much lone writer of the site! Although I qualified with an Honours degree in English from the University of Ulster and then trained as a teacher, after the birth of my second daughter I decided to become a stay at home mother. When my son was born a couple of years later I soon realised I needed to do something apart from child-rearing to keep sane - and that's how this site came about!

I live and work in Newry, Northern Ireland with my husband and three children and my interests include writing (obviously), reading, pregnancy, breastfeeding, search engine optimisation and photography. If only there were more hours in the day!

Breastfeeding Mums, my very first website was founded in 2006 and was set up initially to provide pregnancy and breastfeeding information, advice and encouragement to mothers the world over! Since then I have also set up a further three websites, all of which help feed my need for sharing what life and experience have taught me!

Thanks for reading and please drop me a line if you have any queries or questions :)


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