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What are Adult Stem Cells?

Adult stem cells (also known as somatic cells) are found within different types of tissue. Unlike embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells usually do not divide for many years until forced to do so by illness or tissue injuries.

Adult stem cells can potentially divide indefinitely and this means they can generate many cell types from the specific organ they initally came from. It is also possible to regenerate an entire new, replicate organ.

Adult stem cells are believed to be limited in their ability to differentiate depending on their tissue of origin. However, some evidence exists which suggests that they may be able to differentiate to become other cell types.

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Working with adult stem cells is ethically inoffensive and they cause nearly no side-effects. A lot of different diseases can be healed with adult stem cells and the important advantage is that the normal physiological processes that were destroyed by a disease like stroke might get reconstructed.

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