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Stillbirth Poems - Strongman

I've tried to be a strongman, all quiet and brooding
Carrying heavy weights without complaint
Straining and striving to cope
No dialog needed
The stress plain on my face
Such strength, and composure
No fear of failure
Striding manfully onwards
Assured and confident
A hero to all around
A strongman
Until,One day
I was given a weight, too heavy to carry
Still I struggled to lift it
To go on
With this weight, my weight
And hers
Words of encouragement
"Be strong","no tears", strongman
I listened, but couldn't comply
This weight, the heaviest weight
Too heavy to bear,Alone
But then, I found a way
To lighten this weight
Words, and tears, many tears
Suspicious, at first
At this show of emotion
Of weakness
But slowly, realising
The weight becoming less heavy
The struggle less difficult
The strain less evident
Strength, true strength
When a man can show weakness
Without fear
Cry freely, and not be ashamed
Be held, and not resist
I have learnt
Over time
How to be
A strongman.

by Danielle's Dad

Danielle's dad is a bereaved parent who works for SANDS, a charity which offers support to bereaved parents after the loss of a baby before and after birth.

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