Whispering Pain

This whispering pain - comes over me again,
It can’t be stopped - with the pills I’ve popped,
It can’t be eased - my heart has simply seized.
Life is so cruel - you’ve taken my jewel,
My precious one - my tiny baby son.
He was born asleep - with no soul to keep,
For God to hold - never to grow old.

This whispering pain - comes over me again,
It say’s your tough - you’ve cried enough,
It says let go of the life you’ll never know,
Let it run free - then you will see,
The pain you hold - will make you so cold,
It’ll suck you dry - so you can not cry,
Flow through your veins - like the winter rains.

This whispering pain - comes over me again.
It says you see - he was not meant to be,
Not strong enough - for a life so rough,
All I ask - is to have a mask,
To hide away - the pain of each day,
To make me strong - So I can sing my song,
Of my beautiful baby boy - who will fill heaven full of joy.

by Serann Gettings

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