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What Montgomery Tubercles Look Like

Montgomery's tubercles are one of the breast changes mentioned in virtually every pregnancy book but seldom discussed by mothers-to-be or indeed by medical professionals during their pregnancie. Consequently, many expectant mothers haven't a clue what they look like and are never quite sure if they have them or not!

In the early stages of pregnancy breast changes occur rapidly. One of the most obvious of changes is the appearance of these so-called Montgomery's tubercles. These little raised glands look like small spots and are dotted around the areola, ie the darker area surrounding the nipple.

Montgomery's tubercles are believed to help lubricate the breasts and prevent infection during breastfeeding. Sometimes a little milk is also produced from them during pregnancy although the nipple is primarily responsible for milk production.

The picture below shows a typical nipple surrounded by Montgomery Tubercles.

montgomery tubercles photo

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