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Pregnancy - A Time of Change and New Beginnings

Pregnancy... it will change your life, not to mention your body, forever. For most mothers-to-be it's an exciting time and a time in their lives they've looked forward to and imagined time and time again.

However, no matter how carefully you've planned your pregnancy, when the blue line shows up on your pregnancy test, life as you know it takes on a whole new meaning.

And, whilst some mothers-to-be sail through their pregnancies without the slightest hint of morning sickness and give birth without a thought of pain relief during childbirth, for most of us these issues become an integral part and parcel of the whole experience.

One thing most pregnant women do have in common though is that they suddenly find themselves craving information about every single one of the three pregnancy stages. As a result, most avidly scour pregnancy week by week charts and read pregnancy stories, pregnancy magazines and pregnancy books following the development of their baby and anticipating the changes their bodies are going to go through in the near future.

As childbirth approaches and mothers await the signs of labor, many also turn their thoughts towards their birth plans ensuring that amongst other things, their preferred forms of pain relief during childbirth are highlighted!

Only when a mother is handed her baby after the birth does she realise and understand what a journey she has been through and what a special thing it is to have experienced pregnancy...

Before too long many new mothers find they are covering the old territory all over again, this time knowing the joy of pregnancy and rejoicing in the absolute and unconditional love they will feel for their newborn baby!

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