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Breastfeeding Videos - Newborn and Infant Nutrition and Growth Basics

It can be difficult for any mother, but particularly for breastfeeding mothers to know whether or not their baby is getting enough nutrition from breastfeeding alone. In a world of people constantly asking how much formula your baby drinks per feed or querying how you know that your baby is getting enough milk, it can make breastfeeding seem a scary place indeed. Rest assured however, if you are breastfeeding your baby on demand and he or she is gaining weight and has plenty of wet nappies/ diapers per day, then they are more than likely getting everything they need plus some from your breastmilk.

The video below illustrates some general information covering newborn and infant nutrition and growth basics. However, bear in mind that when breastfeeding your baby, you generally won't have to worry too much about what you are feeding your baby when you are fully breastfeeding as they will get lots of goodness from your milk supply. Do try to eat a varied and healthy diet yourself so that you can keep healthy and always ensure you keep yourself well hydrated so that your supply is plentiful and can keep up with your growing baby's demands.

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