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Breastfeeding Videos - Newborn and Infant Weaning

At some point in your breastfeeding journey, weaning will happen. It may be that you will decide the time is right, or your baby will decide he or she is no longer interested in breastfeeding, or it will just happen so gradually that neither of you really notice.

Stopping breastfeeding, or even just reducing its frequency, comes as a relief to some, but to others it can be a very emotional time. For some mothers, they feel it is out of their control as they are pressurised by others to stop and for some they have to stop for medical reasons - perhaps due to medication that will pass through the breastmilk or upcoming medical procedures they or their baby require. In some cases, weaning from the breast happens simply because the baby just isn't gaining weight or feeding successfully and mothers are advised it is time to wean for their baby's health; this can be very difficult as mothers in this position often feel it is their fault, even when they are reassured that this isn't the case. Some babies have difficulty suckling for medical reasons and sometimes no amount of intervention by mothers or breastfeeding consultants helps.

For whatever your reasons, whether it's because you are returning to work and will be unable to breastfeed on demand, or because you feel the time is right to stop, when weaning begins to happen, there are successful ways to approach it and the following video will introduce you to some of these.

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