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Alternative Uses for Breastmilk

Alternative uses for breastmilk? There are many alternative and unusual ways to use breastmilk although not everyone knows it! Aside from just breastfeeding your baby with it, because breastmilk is sterile and has antibacterial, antiseptic and healing properties, it can be used in a variety of ways.

Here are a few of Breastfeeding Mums favourites. (Please note, you should always consult your gp if you are concerned about your own or your baby's health and these alternatives are listed just for information and in no way replace medical advice!)

Breastmilk can be used to treat:

  • Pink Eye/ Conjunctivitis - Drip a few drops of expressed breastmilk into the affected eyes. This often cures the condition within a very short time and can sometimes mean antibiotic eye drops can be avoided. (Of course, seek advice from your gp if the eyes don't begin to clear up with a day or so.)

  • Nappy Rash - Using a cotton pad soaked in expressed breastmilk, pat the affected area and allow to dry before replacing the baby's nappy.

  • Blocked Nose - If your baby has dried, hard mucus in his/ her nose it can make breastfeeding difficult as the baby's breathing is affected. Either drip one or two drops into the baby's nose from a little nasal dropper or from a cotton wool ball soaked in breastmilk. It is best to do this whilst the baby is feeding as he or she will inhale the milk. Only do one nostril at a time and don't put more than a drop or two of milk into the nostril or the baby will choke. After inhaling the breastmilk the baby often sneezes the softened and moistened mucus out and the nose should be clear again!

  • Spots - Dab a little breastmilk on your own spots and allow to dry before applying makeup. Best done at night after washing and drying your face/ body.

  • Cracked/ Sore Nipples - Breastfeeding mothers sometimes complain about sore or cracked nipples in the early days of breastfeeding. Very often this is caused by the baby being incorrectly positioned on the breast and once the position is corrected the problem no longer exists. However, in the meantime, after each breastfeed gently express a little breastmilk and smooth it around the sore area. Let it dry before replacing your nursing pad or bra. Doing this after every breastfeed is often an effective treatment and replaces the need for nipple creams!

  • Chapped Lips - If you are suffering from dry, chapped lips gently rub a little breastmilk on them several times a day and before too long your lips will be soft and luscious once again!

  • Sore Throats/ Mouth Ulcers - If your baby has a sore throat, breastmilk will help get rid of the problem. For older children who are no longer breastfeeding, you can express some breastmilk into a cup and let them drink it until the problem clears up.

  • Scratches and Burns - Breastmilk can aid the healing process and provide some relief from the discomfort of burns and scratches. It is particularly effective when applied to the little scratches newborn babies sometimes cause to themselves with their little sharp papery nails! Apply it carefully using a cotton pad and allow to dry. Reapply regularly.

  • Cleanser - Believe it or not breastmilk can be used as a cleanser and can even remove stubborn make-up! Just dip a cotton pad in some expressed breastmilk and wipe it over your face.

  • Eczema/ Skin Rashes - Breastmilk can help bring some relief from conditions such as eczema and can also alleviate itching that accompanies urticaria (hives) and chickenpox.

  • Ear Infections - If your baby or child has a suspected ear infection, dripping some breastmilk into the ear can help to aid the healing process. If the pain is severe you should see a doctor as you may need to use an antibiotic but breastmilk will help to start things off.

  • Insect Bites - Rub some breastmilk into the area and allow to dry. It will help stop any itching and also provide antiseptic protection.

  • Contact Lens Solution - Because it is sterile, breastmilk can be used to cleanse dry contact lenses in an emergency.

  • Donation - Breastmilk can save premature babies' lives. It is much easier for them to digest than formula and it also gives them the immunity boost they so desperately need.

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