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Miscarriage Poems - Due Date

Due Date

Today everyone else is happy,
Rejoicing in pre-Halloween celebrations,
An impending birth,
And newborns they will dress in cute little costumes.

They invite us to parties.
It's understandable that they've long since forgotten.

I give myself the right to be sad, to be envious,
To reject invitations,
Because this year,
The days just before Halloween,
Mark a sad fact, where there was once joy-filled hope.

It's nearly 5 months later,
But it doesn't seem so long ago to me,
After all, for my husband and me it wasn't a single event:
It was 2 emergency room visits,
And 8 weeks of bleeding and anemia.

Our prayers for me were answered,
I did wake from this nightmare,
And grew strong again.

Today he or she would have joined us on this Earth,
Breathed our same air,
We would have held him or her,
And touched his or her little hand.

I don't feel I need to apologize
For this day not being like any other,
It seems respectful and understandable,
That this be a holy and sad time for us.

I don't want to be forced,
To put on a happy face when I'm not,
Nor to dress up, party,
Or otherwise celebrate a holiday,
When in my heart,
The guest of honor died.

There will be other Halloweens,
But this one belongs to our baby that might have been.

J. Kim Birnbaum

October 27, 2009, due date October 29, 2009

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