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Stillbirth Poems - Child

A heartbreaking poem showing a baby's life slipping away as family make plans for the new arrival.


A tiny life is growing
Inside a cosy place
His arms and legs are flailing
A smile is on his face.
His mother feels a tiny kick
Upon her rounded tummy
and waits impatiently for the day
When she becomes a mummy.
The baby's smile is fading
But his eyes are open wide
He knows that he'll be leaving soon
But will never see outside.
There aren't so many kicks now
In fact, there's none at all
Gran says that baby's sleeping
and keeps knitting up his shawl.
His life is draining quickly
But no-one knows a thing
A tiny smile fleets his face
When he hears his mother sing.
He knows that he'll remember her
and the things he heard her say
Peacefully and happily
The baby drifts away.
Mummy knows that something's wrong
and is at the clinic before too long
A scan is done and doctor says
I'm sorry, baby's gone'.
The grief is overwhelming
The sadness takes its toll
Friends and family gather round
As he's buried in his shawl.
As time goes by and lapses on
His mother sheds a tear
and hears these words inside her head
'Mum I'm always here,
I'll never ever leave you
Although you may not know
I'll be beside you every day
Through laughter, joy and woe.
You'll never need to miss me
For I am in your heart
and though we're in two different worlds
We'll never be apart'.

Author Unknown

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If you would like to contribute a miscarriage poem or story, please contact us and we'll add it to the site. Thanks.

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