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Stillbirth Poems - So Nearly Beautiful

So Nearly Beautiful

So nearly beautiful
Seeing the images on the scan
The clock stops, the doctor speaks
And all the beauty is gone

So nearly beautiful
Hugs with midwives and tears
The pain of labour
The first glimpse of our child
Holding our daughter in our arms
Saying the special words, saying goodnight

So nearly beautiful
The drive home from hospital
The sleepless nights, the restless wander
The mother’s milk all ready to feed her
The cards and the flowers
The family and friends visiting

So nearly beautiful
Planning her special day in church
Walking down the aisle, daughter in hand
Giving her away

So many reminders of what might have been
All was lost with her heartbeat
All so nearly beautiful
So near
So far

~ Michael at LivingInTheRainbow

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