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Early Pregnancy Symptoms - Breast Tenderness

Breast tenderness is often complained about by mothers-to-be during the early stages of pregnancy. Many women report that their breasts enlarge and become sore to even the slightest touch. However, whilst certainly uncomfortable, breast changes are caused by the very pregnancy hormones that are preparing your body for breastfeeding (whether or not you intend to!).

Some women find that that their nipples also become very sensitive and enlarged. This is normal. You should also expect your nipples to darken in colour and your breast veins to become more noticeable.

Little pimple-like bumps known as Montgomery's Tubercles will appear on the areola (the brown area surrounding the nipple); these are responsible for lubricating the breasts during breastfeeding as well as helping prevent infection.

If possible, try to avoid lying on your tummy whilst in bed and avoid any unnecessary pressure on your chest. A good support bra can help but in the main all you really can do is wait for this stage of your pregnancy to pass!

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