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3 Weeks Pregnant - Signs of Pregnancy


At 3 weeks pregnant a lot is starting to happen! This week, if your egg has been fertilised, a cluster of rapidly multiplying cells will attach to your womb lining. Often women feel premenstrual at this point and many experience cramping, period-like pains. There may even be some very light bleeding or spotting, lasting no more than a day or two, which is known as implantation bleeding.

You won't yet know for sure whether or not you are pregnant as the symptoms can mimic premenstrual symptoms so closely!

However, with advances in medicine, it is possible now to get early pregnancy testing kits which can be used a few days before your next period is due; alternatively some blood tests can also confirm pregnancy just 6 to 8 days after conception!

Unfortunately, many pregnancies end before a missed period and this is especially true of first pregnancies. However, if you do suspect you may be pregnant, even at this early stage, it is very important to avoid non-essential medications, including herbal supplements. Check with your GP before stopping any long-term medications as you may need to stop these gradually rather than suddenly.


As soon as an egg is fertilised it begins dividing, becoming a cluster of cells. And within just a few days this cluster will begin to implant in the lining of your womb. As these cells implant they take on specific functions with some making up the placenta which will provide nourishment and protection to the growing baby, whilst others make up the baby itself!

Pregnancy Week by Week Calendar

Weeks 1 - 10Weeks 11 - 20Weeks 21 - 30Weeks 31 - 40+
1 week pregnant11 weeks pregnant21 weeks pregnant31 weeks pregnant
2 weeks pregnant12 weeks pregnant22 weeks pregnant32 weeks pregnant
3 weeks pregnant13 weeks pregnant23 weeks pregnant33 weeks pregnant
4 weeks pregnant14 weeks pregnant24 weeks pregnant34 weeks pregnant
5 weeks pregnant15 weeks pregnant25 weeks pregnant35 weeks pregnant
6 weeks pregnant16 weeks pregnant26 weeks pregnant36 weeks pregnant
7 weeks pregnant17 weeks pregnant27 weeks pregnant37 weeks pregnant
8 weeks pregnant18 weeks pregnant28 weeks pregnant38 weeks pregnant
9 weeks pregnant19 weeks pregnant29 weeks pregnant39 weeks pregnant
10 weeks pregnant20 weeks pregnant30 weeks pregnant40+ weeks pregnant

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